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Aerial photography and filming for film and television

Traditional Film and TV companies have had to use very expensive loud helicopters. Our multicopter aircraft costs as much for a full day of filming, including flight and crew as a Helicopter does for One hour.

Also, our aircraft is 100% Eco friendly, makes little noise and can be flown close to actors within a controlled film set. To get the best from your aerial photography directors  can even direct the shoot using our extra screen getting live footage just as it happens. No need for costly re-shoots.


Film, TV & Media Rates

Please email or call for rates

 Aerial photography and filming for film and television  and media work,  requires a flight crew of a minimum of 2 people. Pilot and Camera Operator.

If your own camera operator has been trained by ourselves on our system we will do a reduced rate. It is also advisable to have our assistant camera operator who can charge our batteries as we film and keep continuity. They also act as security for our flying site, freeing up your staff.





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