Questions ?

Who are Halo Vue?

Halo Vue is owned and operated by Philip Fearnley Photography Ltd.

Who are your Camera Operators?

All our camera operators are either fully qualified Photographers or freelance professional TV camera operators working for national TV companies.

Where are we based?

It doesn’t matter as we can be anywhere in the UK within a few hours. But for your information we are in sunny West Yorkshire close to Manchester’s Media city.

What do we charge?

Click on our rates and terms page.

More Questions ?

How many people are in your flight crew?

Our team consists of:

  • Pilot only where the client may act as safety observer.
  • 2 man flight crew, pilot and camera operator.
  • 3 man flight with pilot, camera operator and observer/security.

We will advise on which team you will need for your mission.

How far do you travel?

We go any where in the UK or overseas.

Can you go to off road situations?

We have a fleet of vehicles which includes our brand new VW crew transporter and our off road Toyota Hilux Invincible. We can go anywhere in any conditions.

What about safety?

We take every effort to be as safe as possible.

Our vehicles contain:

  • Fire Extinguishers.
  • First aid kits.
  • High Visibility vests.
  • Warm clothing including, hats gloves and thermals.
  • Steal toe cap boots.
  • Hard Hats.
  • Safety tape.
  • Warning signs.

Why use a UAV over a helicopter or Plane?

We love planes in fact Phil is a PPL licence holder and tried to fly helicopters once. However our UAV’s are very very quiet, film from only feet off the ground and can go up to 400ft above ground level. Keeping the UAV within line of site we can fly 500 meters away from the pilot in all directions.

Are we Insured?

Yes we are and because we have a CAA permission to fly qualification, you know we are a professional company.

What about the weather?

During most days there is a point when we can fly. As most of our flights are around 7 to 8 minutes we can choose a flight time to suit. Our aircraft likes it dry and not too windy but we can fly in winds up to 15knts and not raining. A little bit of damp air is ok but we will keep an eye on the weather forecast for you.

Can you fly over people in built up areas?

No. We cannot fly closer than 150 meters to crowds over 1,000 people

Last questions ?

Will the aircraft fly indoors?

If you’ve got the space the aircraft can fly indoors.

If you have any more questions please drop the studio an email stating your questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.