Plan Your Flight

How to plan a UAV Camera drone flight in the UK

Our aircraft and flight systems are fitted with a failsafe return to home device. This is a legal requirement enforced by the CAA. If in the unlikely event of a loss of a data connection between the remote controller and the aircraft or in the event of pilot incapacitation the aircraft will return to a point above the take off point and automatically land its self.

If you’re surfing the Internet always check out that your pilot has the correct licence and insurance and that their aircraft is fit for your usage.

Steps to plan your flight

1 Choose your location carefully.
2 Do you have permission to fly from the land.
3 Check for hazards, large electric pylons, telephone cables.
4 Contact Halo Vue with details of location -grid reference if possible.
5 We will check location using Google Earth and do a pre sight survey with the information you have given.
6 If a flight is possible we will give you an estimated quote for the flight.
7 Once booked, a deposit will be required to secure the date which is non refundable but may be transferable.
8 Day of the shoot, we will arrive well before required to flight test our equipment ready for your shoot.
9 A full site survey will then be done and security signs and cordons put in place if required.
10 If the Pilot in charge feels that it is not safe to fly the flight will be cancelled or postponed.
11 After the flight all digital media will be copied and passed over to the client with no post production unless pre-arranged with Halo Vue.
12 No media will be used by Halo Vue without the consent of the client.

Useful Links

Never book an Unlicensed pilot !

If any Unlicensed pilot gets any form of remuneration for your job, they are breaking the LAW as are you. Plus, they are definitely not insured!