Don't know where to start?

If your looking for a drone pilot and don't know where to start then we offer a consulting service to help you out. Its totally free and with our vast knowledge of drones, drone Laws and many contacts, if we can't do the shoot we will know someone who can.

Need help with the CAA Rules and regulations?

You can’t just buy a drone and fly it!

If you’re looking to get into the drone industry you need to know the rules and limits on where you can fly. 

As qualified drone pilots we have less restriction that someone without a CAA PFCO, “Permission for Commercial Operations”, but there is always lots of planing to be done prior to filming.

We can help you get into the industry by spending a day with Halo Vue’s Phil Fearnley and going through the skill sets and requirements  prior to attending a drone training course.

Subjects covered.

Choosing the right aircraft for the job,

Flying your aircraft safely,

Basic done controls,

Photoshop & Adobe Premiere for beginners.

Which CAA PFCO training company to use,


Don't know what drone to book?

We fly the DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Mavic Pro 2 for all our aerial filming work. However if your looking for a drone to carry the heavy Alexa Mini or Red cameras we can recommend other drone companies with these facilities.

All these companies are well known in the industry and are highly reputable.

Special Access to Land


We have worked with English Heritage and the National trust for many years and there for are able to negotiate permission to fly from their land. However a fee is usually payable to both for permission to use their land.

We are also one of only a hand full of drone pilots allowed to fly on Yorkshire Water Land which gives us the biggest flying fields in the UK.

Want to use your drone team on Yorkshire Water land?

No problem, simply contact ourselves and we can arrange a way for you to get permissions in place even if its a last minute request.


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We have some of the best office space in the world. The great British country side. No day ever the same with ever changing views. Love it!

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