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We use Pond 5 to host our work which is totally secure and gives you the very best service 24/7, 360 days a year. It also means that if your editing with Adobe or FCP you can integrate samples into your work flow and if your happy with the footage simply click and buy just the shots you need.

If you can’t see what you are looking for simply send an email to pilot@halovue.co.uk with your request and we will search through our archives.  

Calderdale Stock Aerial Footage

The Largest collection of drone footage filmed in Calderdale, England.

Click on the link above to access Calderdale Aerial Stock Footage featuring The Piece Hall Halifax, Stoodley Pike, Wainhouse Tower, Shibden Hall and many local landmarks and villages.


High Definition & 4K Stock footage

  •  Our aerial stock footage is all filmed in High Definition or Ultra 4K and is fully broadcast quality, making it ideal for film makers who haven’t the time or budget to hire a drone team.  We have a wide selection of clips from all times of the year including dramatic snow scenes to Summer Sunsets.

Take a look at some of our Featured Cities

Drone Stock Footage of Leeds

Drone Stock Footage of Scarborough 

Drone Stock Footage of Birmingham

Drone Stock Footage of Liverpool

Drone Stock Footage of Manchester

Drone Stock Footage of Edinburgh

Drone Stock Footage of Nottingham

Drone Stock Footage of Blackpool

Drone Stock Footage of London

Drone Stock Footage of Knarsborough

Drone Stock Footage Of Sheffield 

Drone Stock Footage Lincoln (coming soon)


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