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Since 2013 Philip Fearnley and the Halo Vue Aerial Photography team have been drone filming for the nations favourite Tv programmes using some of the most advanced drones on the market.

Phil Fearnley and the team have years of experience not only professional photography but also drone cinematography. As such you can be assured that your booking will result in some highly creative flying bringing that all-important wow factor to your creative production.

We have several options for you to choose from when making your booking but to give you some help in picking the perfect aerial filming package, here’s a little explainer.

Drone Filming for Tonight on ITV
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News and event coverage

If you’re wanting aerial drone filming in highly populated areas our Mavic Mini 3 is perfect and super discreet. At a take of weight of only 249grams it comes under the weight restrictions of our larger drones. Our Tv News contacts such as ITN find this little drone very useful and with up to 48mb still images and up to 4k video it still gives outstanding results for its size.

Factual & Comedy Documentary’s

On programmes such as the BBC’s Countryfile we generally supply a single operator drone pilot  flying aircraft such as the DJI Mavic pro 2 or MavicCine3. To keep the drone filming extra safe a responsible member of the production crew may act as drone spotter keeping the drone in line of sight at all times.

These smaller DJI drones offer fantastic image quality with long flight times of up to 45 minutes shooting from standard 1080HD right up to 5.2K in ProRes 422HQ if required. They are super quiet and less conspicuous when flying in more built-up areas and once in the countryside they are less likely to upset any wildlife.

We have used these drones for aerial filming on shows such as BBC’s DIY SOS, CH5 The Yorkshire Vet, Ch5 Springtime on the Farm, BBC’s Canal Boat Diaries, ITN News, to name just a few.

Drama & Film

From Documentary’s to Dramas and Films.Our aircrew are fully experienced in working on large productions using much larger aircraft for the drone filming sequences.

Over the last few years our two-person crew has flown the DJI Inspire 2 aircraft fitted with the super 35mm X7 camera on shows such as ITV’s Happy Valley 3, BBC /HBO’s Gentleman Jack 1 & 2, ITV’s Vera, ITV’s Emmerdale, Netflix The Ripper and several Bollywood Movies.

This aircraft is a super alternative to the heavy lift drones due to the flight times of around 15- 20 minutes, its staggering quality and the ability to fly at high speed. It’s also a lot less intimidating when flying close to actors and animals.

This drone does require a two-person operation with Phil Fearnley as pilot and trained drone camera operators using the drones in built camera to capture all the action required by the directors. No need to add any extra cameras to this aircraft and with the addition of a third member to the team we can also control focus and iris.

Output is also available for signals to be sent to the video village or extra monitors for the DOP and Director.

This is a full self contained package with no hidden extras needed for the production company.

Motor Sport

If you require something a little faster, we can now offer high speed drone filming using the DJI FPV drones with GoPro Hero 8 mounted to the top of the drone. These super-fast drones can get right into the heart of the action with the pilot using VR style goggles to fly the drone almost as if he was inside the aircraft. A bit like a fighter plane.

These drones are amazing for car shows such as Quest’s Vintage Voltage, chasing the cars along racetracks but on the flip side, they are also perfect for fly slow and cinematic close to the ground, over trees and through small gaps.

No matter what your production is we can supply the perfect Drone Team at a competitive rate with quality cinematic aerial footage that will keep you using Phil Fearnley and Halo Vue Aerial Photography for all your future filming requirements.

Drone Filming for Vintage Voltage
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Happy Clients

We have worked for most major TV companies drone filming from CH5’s the Yorkshire Vet to ITV’s Emmerdale.   

Other shoots include aerial filming on Sally Wainrights Gentleman Jack for the BBC/HBO, ITV’s Vera,Rob Lowe’s drama Wild Bill and countless TV productions.

Drone filming on some of the nations favourite TV programs

Drone Filming for the BBC
Drone Filming for ITV
Other Network Productions

Matt Gray BSC Cinematographer

Matt Gray talks about his time working on the BBC Drama Gentleman Jack, and how our drones were used on the show. He mentions how our drone filming was used to film Suranne Jones in the very first scene using it to fly low, slow and very close to the lead actress.

Philip Fearnley, the chief pilot and owner of Halo Vue has held a permission for commercial operations ( PFCO ) for many years as well as the new A2 CofC and GVC qualification. 

As one of the most experienced and creative pilots of small UAVs, (drones) in the UK he will achieve the best possible results with a budget to suit all requirements.

Adidas TV Adverts

The Halo Vue Team filmed several adverts over three days shooting a series of fast paced shots from 400ft to 2 feet off the ground. Flying on the streets of Manchester required road closures by the production company and some very precise flying.

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