Film & TV

We have been aerial filming with drones on some of the nations favourite TV shows for many years now. Shows including “Emmerdale” and “Gentleman Jack” to name just two.

Our drone pilots and camera operators are well used to working on the most demanding of sets producing consistant high quality footage be it on a studio set or high on top of a mountain. 

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News & Press

Our aircraft is used on a regular basis for TV and Newsmedia outlets.

Available 24/7 we can reach most locations in the north of England within 2 hours creating risk assessments enroute and gaining permission from land owners.

Once on location we can provide a live feed to satellite broadcasting trucks as well as providing footage used within edits.

Our vehicles contain digital image transfer stations (MacBooks) and full power for on site charging of batteries.

Aerial Filming for business & Marketing

There’s no better way to show off a stunning house for sale, a country hotel or fine golf club than aerial images.

We can supply fully edited films and photography or simply give you the files for you to work on.

Aerial Surveys

Aerial surveys and inspections can be produced in a safe and time saving way using our aerial platforms. Its also far more cost effective than some of the more traditional methods.

Our aircraft can reach areas that may be difficult to reach or unsafe and using our high definition cameras, images can be reviewed on ground based screens well away from the filming areas. Making the process super safe and quick.

All images are recorded and delivered on site on the day of filming.

HaloVue are also part of the team supplying 24/7/360 drone response support to FloodRe

360° Virtual Tours

Our 360° virtual tours take the viewer to a whole different level compared to other 360° platforms.

We combine traditional ground based 360° photography with our elevated drone 360° imagery and create virtual tours perfect for any business.

This gives the viewers fully interactive features with the ability to travel through the sky’s, enter buildings and click on multi-functional hotspots.

Every 360° VR Tour is customised to the clients wishes and needs including  Logos, Colour style and Layout with no two Virtual Tours the same.

Our 360° Virtual Tours incur no monthly fees and are yours to host on any platform, perfect for Facebook, Twitter and within your own website.

Ideal for: Hotels, Schools, Visitor Attractions, Estate Agents ….

New Road School
360° VR TOUR

Virtual Tour of a small primary school in West Yorkshire.

Dyer's Holiday Cottage
360° VR Tour

360 interactive tour of a small holiday let house available on AirB&B

Stoodley Pike
360° VR TOUR

360 Interactive Virtual Tour our new Art Gallery

Dyer's Holiday Cottage
360° VR Tour

360 interactive tour of a small holiday let house available on AirB&B

Aerial Photography

We are, by trade professional photographers and have been for over 20 years. So it’s no surprise that we know how to produce breath taking aerial images.

We don’t just take photos, we supply all our images edited and colour corrected so you, the client, can just load them into your projects safe in the knowledge that they are going to look amazing.

We always shoot RAW images and convert the files to the format of your choice, jpeg, Tiff, PNG etc.. and if the shot is suitable we often shot bracketed exposures producing highly detailed HDR (High Definition Range) for super stunning results. 

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