Aerial Filming for Business & Marketing

There’s no better way to show off a stunning house for sale, a country hotel or fine golf club than aerial images.

We can supply fully edited films and photography or simply give you the files for you to work on

With over 30 years as a professional photographer Phil Fearnley and the Halo Vue Aerial Photography team know exactly how to capture the very best images for your business.

From ground-based photography or elevated images from our drones Phil can put together a package to really give your business the exposure it needs.

We often work for high end estate agents looking to market stunning country properties and for this we can do the full service from Interior and exterior ground still images, walk through videos and epic fly round videos.

These videos really promote properties like never before.

Golf Clubs use our services to give an overall impression of the club and taking things one step further we can offer a Hole to Hole flyover giving the club members an insite onto how to play each hole.

There simply isn’t a business that cannot benefit from using our photography and filming and as we offer fully edited films perfect for social media and marketing we take all the stress out of promoting your business. 


Adidas TV Adverts

The Halo Vue Team filmed several adverts over three days shooting a series of fast paced shots from 400ft to 2 feet off the ground. Flying on the streets of Manchester required road closures by the production company and some very precise flying.

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