Hyperlapse - Timelapse by drone and ground cameras

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What is a Drone Hyperlapse?

Well its just like traditional ground captured Time Lapse photography except filmed by drone. This means the camera gets a whole new perspective on what’s being filmed and can cover a much grater range of dynamic movement.

How long is each clip?

As the drones have a limited flight time of around 20 minutes, each clip will last from around 5 seconds to 14 seconds once it has been processed. 

Do you need good weather to film a drone hyperlapse?

In a word yes. The golden hours of the day produce some of the best results as you would expect but as we are using an aerial platform, so the lower the wind speed, the better the end results. Naturally we don’t fly in high winds or rain. So waiting for the perfect drone hyperlapse conditions can be a little frustrating, but well worth the wait. 

How long does it take to produce a clip?

Creating a drone hyperlapse takes a lot of work. The actual capturing of the images are just the start of the work flow. Once the images are shot then the real work begins. Each individual RAW image is colour corrected and processed in several professional  software packages and once stabilised, rendered out into the chosen file format from 720p up to 5.2k

Can you just supply the still images?

Yes , no problem. If your production company would like to take on the complex post processing then of course we can just supply you with the RAW DNG files. That way you can add your own look to the final output.

How do we book?

Simply send an email to info@halovue.co.uk or call phil direct on 07957627628

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