Aerial Surveys

Aerial Surveys and inspections carried out by drone with HD cameras.

Our drone pilot, Philip Fearnley and Halo Vue Aerial Photography are often asked to produce aerial filming and high-quality aerial photography by drone for many specialist surveyors and building companies.

Although we are not building surveyors, we are able to work very closely with our clients on location and by having remote screens on site for the building surveyors  to monitor our flights we can be directed to parts of the buildings that are difficult to reach. 

We have been producing this type of drone filming for many years now and as we are trusted by our clients for getting the images needed, we will often fly the missions without the client present freeing up their valuable time.

However, there is always the option for the client to be on site with us if requested.

With the use of high-quality drone camera sensors and zoom facility magnifying up to 28 times we can film areas of the buildings from safe heights getting detailed drone images. These images are all photographed as raw files and then processed to jpegs and delivered to the client usually on the same day. 

As well as several hundred drone still images we will also supply a comprehensive drone films of the areas required to be filmed. This gives the client a faster way to view the surveyed area than scrolling through individual still images and is easily shareable to other members of their team.

As another option we can produce detailed 360 images whilst in the air which can le loaded to our specialist 360 platform allowing the client to zoom around a site from the one image.

The use of drones has revolutionised the building industry. Safety at work is essential in the building world and drones have reduced the amount of time spent on ladders and scissor lifts trying to gain access at height to photograph and inspect roofs. All very dangerous and costly especially if something goes wrong.

Its also very quick and on average a large industrial roof and be  drone photographed and drone filmed in just a few hours with the final image output completed on the same day if required.

On these types of drone filming projects, we are required to produced full RAMs, risk assessments prior to being on site. Once this is done, we do a pre flight survey with either google earth or by attending the site well before we fly our aircraft.

At this point we can note any issues we might have such as close proximity to roads, people, schools’ airports, prisons, and put an action plan together.

We then select the right aircraft for the job such as the Mavic 3 pro with its incredible zoom or the tiny sub 250gram drone, DJI Mavic mini 3 perfect for flying in very built up areas and with less flying restrictions.

Our aircraft are fully serviced prior to every drone filming shoot and logged on the Airdata platform. This drone monitoring platform records every flight and can inform the drone pilot whether there are any past issues with the drones. It also monitors the drone battery heath, how high and how fast we were drone flying and also the distance flown.

As a requirement by the CAA we log every flight and record all the servicing in order to keep our licence up to date. 

We have enough power and batteries to fly for the full day allowing for breaks and recharging the drone’s batteries in our vehicle as we go along. This allows us to photograph more than one property a day making this a very attractive option to more traditional survey methods.

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