Drone Filming for ITV

ITN Tonight

Location: Yorkshire

On this drone filming shoot we used the DJI Inspire 2 with the X5s camera and several prime lens’s. 
The program feature TV presenter Helen Skelton and focused on the artic blast that hit the UK nick named The Beast From The East.

The temperature was incredibly low but apart from frozen fingers and toes it had no effect on the drone apart from slightly reduced flight time. This is due to the LiPo batteries being effected by the drop in temperature.

Once again the team from the ITV Tonight program chose Halo Vue arial filming due to its location in West Yorkshire and our reputation for getting amazing images.

Extra Bits

Our drone filming days are often very heavily edited to fit in with the context of a production so its always nice for you to see a few extra shots.

Here’s a compilation of drone shots we took with Helen Skelton on the ITN Tonight program. “The Beast from the East”

Which we knew you’d enjoy.

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