Drone Filming for ITV

ITV Britain's Favourite 100 Walks

Location: United Kingdom

Working with a super experienced production crew from ITV and assembled at short notice we traveled the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. Drone filming with our DJI Inspire 2 aircraft for this shoot involved plenty of walking and culminated in an epic hike up Helvellyn for the final episode.

Julia Bradbury and the ITV team were a joy to work for and we look forward to many more future expeditions.

This 2 and a half hour epic TV program is repeated every Boxing Day and is a testiment to all the hard work that went into the making of it.

100 Walks the Extra Bits

Every one of the many filming locations were condensed into three minute short films This left lots of our amazing drone footage unseen so we put together this short film of some of the extra best bits.

Which we knew you’d enjoy.