Drone Filming for Channel 4

Rosie Jones' Trip Hazard

Series Two

Rosie Jones meat Elvis, Prince and Robbie Williams impersonators in Blackpool

Location: Wales, Blackpool & Bradford

Drone filming on Channel 4 ” Rosie Jones’ Trip Hazard was one of the highlights of Summer 2022.

Halo Vue Aerial Photography was asked to cover several episodes around the United Kingdom with Phil Fearnley not only acting as Drone pilot but also Stills Photographer.

Trip Hazard is a unique TV program and features comedian Rosie Jones and a special guest on each episode.

Here’s the link to view all episodes.

Rosie Jones’ Trip Hazard

Aerial Hyper-lapse

The Series Director of Trip Hazard “Tom Levinge” and series producer “Dan Dan Wickens” wanted to add in some unusual view points of the locations.

What better way to simulate the passing of time than a set of drone  Hyperlapse films.

Each short segment requires the drone to fly a predetermned route and fly for the maximum amount of time possible from the aircraft.

For this sort of shoot the DJI Mavic Pro 3 was used due to its long flight time, around (25 minutes )  and stunning image quality.

Each Raw still image is then processed in Adobe Lightroom and then processed sent over to our video editing software to create the final product.

Press and PR shots

As well as being the aerial photography operator on Trip Hazard Phil Also acted as the Official Photographer. 

His images were used for Press and PR shots and due to the nature of the shoot Phil was always on hand to capture these special moments giving the production company a unique added bonus of having a drone pilot who’s also a professional photographer on the team.

As you would expect from comedian Rosie Jones, taking her photograph was always a lot of fun with the added benefit of having other stars joining her on this mad travel program.

All stills were shot on the Canon R5 with 45 megapixel stills

Rosie Jones and Guz Khan both comedians filming on Trip Hazard take a dance in the Tower Ballroom under Blackpool Tower.

So what kind of drones and kit did we use?

On the three episode filmed by Halo Vue Aerial Photography, Phil Fearnley used mainly the DJI Mavic Pro 3 shooting Prores to get the best quality possible from this aircraft.

The drone was flown in some of the UK’s most stunning locations however there were times when permissions to enter Flight Restriction Zones ( FRZ) were required.

Blackpool Airport is one such location and when fling around Blackpool Pleasure Beach it is essential that permission is granted from Air Traffic (ATC) prior to any flights.

Its also good practice when outside the FRZ in Blackpool just to let the ATC know at Blackpool Airport that flights are still taking place especially around Blackpool Tower.

The DJI FPV drone was also used whilst filming in Pembrokeshire, Wales. This was required as the director was looking for fast , very low flying shots of the waves and cliffs to get a more dynamic view of the beach prior to Rosie swimming. Instead of using the inbuilt camera on the drone, a GoPro pro 8 was mounted to the top of the aircraft which gave the production company higher quality images than those from the DJI FPV drone. However the footage does require processing in software to stabilise the footage.

For the Press photography still images a Canon R5 was used shooting Raw and to capture the ground Timelapse of the castle a Panasonic S5 was used , again shooting Raw.

Behind the Scenes

In-between flying the drones and shooting set up Press and Publicity still images there’s usually some down time.

This was spent gathering unusual behind the scenes shots which is always a lot of fun.

Phil Fearnley toys to capture the fun of the shoot without disturbing the cast or crew. 

Just like the Publicity shoots, the Canon R5 was used but in silent mode. 

This means we can shoot away without any clicking noise which might interfere with the productions audio making it super discreet.

Rosie Jones leave the Gypsy Sarah Petulengro reading with comedian Gus Khan and the series director Tom Levin

Ground Time-Lapse and Drone FPV flying

In the make of Chanel 4’s Rosie Jones’ Trip Hazard Halo Vue used other production methods to create stunning footage.

On the ground we used a Lumix S5 camera DSLR to capture a day to night scene. This involved leaving the camera on a static tripod for several hours taking still images every 5 seconds. 

Just like the drone Hyperlase these images are shot as RAW still images , then processed through Adobe Lightroom then edited in Adobe Premiere to create the final 4k output.

The FPV (first person view) drone filming was used to capture dynamic fast moving images over the water and over the cliffs. 

For this we used the DJI FPV drone. This is a super useful aircraft, much faster than our other drones and is operated by Phil Fearnley with a headset on giving the feeling that he’s actually sat inside the drone.

We have a fleet of different FPV drones which also includes the Protek35 aircraft and the new DJI Avata FPV drone which are all high quality and fast to set up

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