Flying Indoors

Take your production to another level with our amazing drones piloted by our Multi Crew team. The DJI Inspire 2 is fitted with some of the best safety equipment to give you mind blowing images.

How Easy is it ?

We are trained to fly indoors as a team. The pilot keeping his focus on the aircraft whilst the camera operator concentrates on the images. By working as a team the risks of hitting anything are greatly reduced.

How Safe is it?

Flying as a Multi Crew means the  risks are reduced but to make things even safer we use the DJI Optical sensors. These sensors can detect when the aircraft is getting too close and stop it instantly. We also have the ability to add DJI Prop Guards which form a physical barrier to the propellors once again reducing the risk of hitting anything.

How much space do we need?

Our aircraft is not that big but it does need to be in a reasonable amount of space. However we have flown in York Minster with its massive high ceilings to swimming pools inside Bradford Grammar School.

A full site inspection prior to flying is always very useful to enable a full risk assessment to be put in place.

Flying over water ? No Problem