Night Flying

Add at totally different dynamic view to any production with drone photography captured at night. All our night flights require extra planing to ensure a safe and successful shoot. This includes a day time recce, extra lighting on the aircraft and an illuminated landing area. All standard conditions in our risk assessments.

let the fireworks begin

Looking up at a stunning fireworks display is an awe-inspiring moment that we at Halo Vue are able to capture with our state-of-the-art drones. Our team goes above and beyond to carefully plan each event, ensuring that we are able to find the perfect way to preserve the beauty of the spectacle for years to come.


Speeding up time by drone.

If you need to add an extra element to you film we can perform pre planned drone flights creating interesting movements on the ground.

Making a difference

Flying at night can make all the difference when trying to get the best from your subject. The cityscape transforms into a breathtaking wonderland of illuminated buildings and skyscrapers, the perfect canvas for any nocturnal adventure. With a stunning sunset casting amber hues across the city, the glowing metropolis becomes a photographer’s dream.

Costa Roastery at night by Drone

Into the Darkness

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