The Fine Print

There's lots of planning that goes into every flight including weather checks, risk assessments (RAMs), calls to the relevant authorities and the most important of all, preparing our aircraft and kit for your shoot. Before you place your booking please take a moment to read our legal bits.

Free no obligation quote

We always give you a free quote

Every job we film is unique with different specific needs. Therefore before we can give you a quote we just need a bit more information and then we will give you a fixed best price for the job quotation.

Please email  with your requirements stating

  1. The filming location,
  2. Date of filming
  3. How many days do you require
  4. Nature of the filming

or call  Phil on 07957 627 628 

Terms and conditions

Our  business philosophy is a very simple one

Treat our clients the way we would like to be treated.

So our terms of business are :

We will,

  • We will pre flight check all locations using all the methods available to ensure  safe and productive flights.
  • We will dress in a smart, appropriate manor suitable for the location and task in hand.
  • Flights on the day will only be carried out if safe to do so, ie weather permits.
  • All images and files will be downloaded on site onto the clients media backup, before  leaving the site.

We like our clients to,

  • Give clear and precise details of all filming, including location, call time, and any other important details
  • Final payment is due 30 days from the day of filming unless by prior arrangement.

Postponements & cancellations


Postponements and Cancellations

The use of UAV’s or drones is restricted by the weather, so if we know we are unable to fly due to rain, high winds or snow, the day before your booking, we contact you as soon as possible.In this situation you will have the option of risking the day in the hope that the weather improves. If it does not improve and we are unable to fly you will be liable for the full cost.If we have to cancel the day before due to the weather we will transfer your deposit to the next suitable day.

If a suitable day is not available your deposit will be refunded.

We would always try to come up with an amicable agreement. 

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