Halo Vue , Remote Aerial Photography, is fully licensed and regulated by the C.A.A www.caa.co.uk . We are also qualified to BNUC-s standard  to fly our high performance, super light, Droidworx XM8 multicopter for full commercial use.


Our aircraft can fly from only a few feet off the ground acting as a camera dolly with super smooth motion, then fly up to a height of 400ft above ground level all in one take for perfect aerial cinematography. It is also fitted with the worlds best fully stabilized Movi M5 camera gimbal www.freeflysystems.com , GPS controlled and balanced to give perfect results with NO post production stabilization.


The camera fitted in our Movi M5 gimbal and can be rotated through a constant 360 degree turn plus vertically. Our Camera Operators use  high definition video down links to their remote controls and monitors. The Pilot takes commands from Camera Operators with instructions to fly the UAV aircraft on the right flight path at the correct speed. The director of photography may ask the camera operator for a specific shot whilst watching the monitors, which will be passed on to the pilot


Halo Vue Remote Aerial Photography are one of the Uk’s most dynamic and forward thinking family run businesses, set in the heart of England. We have been photographers and image makers for well over 25 years and as technology changed from film to digital we were one of the first professional studios to embrace this new medium.

We are certified EuroUSC / CAA pilots.
To operate any UAS (unmanned aerial system) all pilots must be qualified and registered with the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).
We operate through out the UK and overseas.  Based in West Yorkshire near Manchester and Leeds and only a few hours from London